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Where to Start with Your Interior Painting Project?

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Paint Your Kitchen Island
February 28, 2019
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Where to Start with Your Interior Painting Project?

Where to Start with Your Interior Painting Project?

Taking on the task of interior painting can be daunting, especially if you have never done it before. Not only do you have to spend a good deal of time picking out the best paint and paint brushes, but you also must decide where you want to start such a project. If you choose to start in the wrong place in your house, you might end up causing more trouble for yourself when you need to paint. There are a few things that you can keep in mind when you begin your interior painting project.

For example, there are some basic preparations that you need to start with. Of course, making sure that a room is well ventilated is important. You will also need to make sure that you cover up areas that you don’t want painted. This includes the floor, possibly the trim of the room, as well as the ceiling. Painting an entire room, let alone a house, can take a few days, so prepare for this, too. After these preparations have been completed, you are ready to begin planning your interior painting project.

How Do You Paint the Wall?

The very first thing you should think about doing is starting from the top of the wall and working your way down to the floor. There are several reasons for doing this. For example, it prevents the paint from running into the dry paint, leaving marks that you may not notice until it is too late to fix them. When you paint from the top and work your way down, if the paint begins to run, the next layer of paint will cover up any marks. This ensures that your wall stays a smooth, even color, without any bumps or ridges in the paint.

Another thing that you should pay attention to is the way you paint. There are two specific techniques that you will want to keep in mind: “cutting in” and “wet edge.” Cutting in is the process of using the brush to paint the top and bottom areas of the wall, alongside the trim, and going from left to right. Once that has been completed, you then use a larger paint roller to cover up the space between the ceiling and the floor. Doing this ensures that the paint and the top and bottom of the wall stays even, as does the middle part. Wet edge refers to making sure that the sections of paint that you have just done remain wet and don’t dry when you paint vertically with your roller. This is most important when people work in four-foot sections of the wall. If the paint does dry, the color difference between sections of paint will be noticeably different.

Why Are These Things Important?

Undertaking the task of painting your house is a wonderful job to take. Many people enjoy seeing the product of their hard work at the end of the day. With that being said, the process of getting to the end of the day can be difficult, even overwhelming. This is one of the many reasons why it is important to have a grasp of where you need to start with your interior painting project. Making sure you know these things will make it easier for you when you begin painting.

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