Looking for a job with a future? A Career?

Is your career “stuck” in first gear? Do you experience these five common problems?

  1. You don’t feel appreciated for your hard work
  2. A lack of mutual trust and respect
  3. You work for a disorganized company
  4. You work with unhappy coworkers
  5. Inconsistent work – many hours one week, few or none the next.

Then please consider working for Matt the Painter.   Here’s how we’re different from typical painting companies…

  1. We understand that employees are our most valuable asset and believe that all relationships are built on mutual trust and respect.
  2. We are very organized and use the best tools and equipment to make the projects run smoothly and efficiently.
  3. We have steady work and provide opportunities for ALL crew members to learn NEW and Valuable skills!
Hiring Painters

If you’re the person we’re looking for. . .

You are described by your references as very neat and clean, friendly, enthusiastic, conscientious, holding yourself to high standards, as well as courteous, mature, and a relaxed team player.

You present yourself well as trustworthy and punctual with a can-do attitude!   You are eager to take this opportunity to learn and grow with a caring and fun team with high expectations.

You will be responsible for prepping and painting interior and exterior surfaces for a clientele expecting excellence with a smile!

We care about our employees and want them to have a rewarding position with our company so we offer:

  • Profit Sharing
  • Paid vacation & holidays and sick time
  • Advancement options
  • Bonus Opportunities
  • Great Culture

Upgrade Your Job & Your Co-Workers and Join a Forward Moving Company

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Learning new skills means more pay and more benefits.
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Do you have the strength and coordination to move and position (by yourself) a 24' aluminum or fiberglass extension ladder?*
Do you have any physical limitations that could prevent you from performing duties common to the painting trade? Afraid of heights? Uncomfortable on ladders? Lifting restrictions?*
What formal group or classroom training have you had? Check all that apply.*
Which competitive sports have you played? Intramural and competitive pickup games are OK, casual play is not included.*

Who Gets Hired? Painter A can paint 2 doors in one hour. Painter B can paint 4 doors in one hour. Both do the work safely and with excellent quality.*