In Billings we  have a variety of homes and landscapes. This can create some difficult and interesting terrain for staining and painting homes & businesses. The access due to landscape and design will affect the price. Other variables that go into determining the cost are: how the home has weathered, the type of siding it has, the level of prep work it needs or you want to have us do before painting and the quality of paint you want to have.

For these reasons, it’s difficult to gauge what the cost of painting your home may be without seeing it. A job-site visit is essential to get the proper information to give you an accurate quote.

Average Exterior Paint Quotes

Below are some homes we’ve painted and average ballpark prices.

1200 sq ft – 2000 sq ft of Paintable Surface:

2000 sq ft – 3500 sq ft of Paintable Surface:

3500 sq ft and Higher of Paintable Surface:
$9975 and higher

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