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Colors for Your Laundry Room

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March 15, 2019
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April 16, 2019

Did you realize that your laundry room is one of the busiest, most used spaces in the entire home? A lot of time can be spent there trying to get your clothes looking their best, and so rather than just a throwaway space, why not turn it into one of your favorite rooms in the house? Choosing a color you love can really help turn this spot into someplace attractive and pleasing. Here are a few different color options you might want to consider that will help you turn your laundry room into something more.

Pastel Pink

If you’re looking for a space to really bring out your romantic side, then the laundry room might just be your best bet. A beautiful pastel pink will not only give this room a relaxed feel, but it will also be light enough to help the space feel a bit larger, rather than enclosed and unfinished. Additionally, pastels can be a great backdrop for a more mix and match style. So, no matter what your personal sense of style, from chic and modern to retro and timeless, this color will be sure to work with whatever you choose for accents.

Stunning Grey

Are you into a more modern look? If so, then you might want to consider looking at greys as the color choice for your laundry room. This color works perfectly with the sleek and clean style that more modern homes are turning to. You can be sure it will be the perfect accent to any type of flooring and will give a more luxurious look to even the simplest of appliances. Brushed nickel door handles and racks will be the perfect way to really complete this stunning look.

Mint Green

Would you just love to give your laundry room that spa style upgrade? Then mint green would be the perfect choice for you. This color will give off a sense of serenity and peacefulness, helping you to refocus and relax while you throw that laundry in and out of your washer and dryer. White cabinets will be a great accent to this wonderful color choice, and since this lighter option will be giving off more cool tones, warm things up with a few wooden laundry baskets.

Your Favorite Color

At the end of the day, your laundry room is really the perfect place to put your style mark on your home. Do you just absolutely love the color yellow? Then brighten that room up to look like the sun. Or, maybe, you’re crazy about the color lavender, but didn’t want to overwhelm the rest of your home with this statement look. Then why not splash that color all over your laundry room? Taking advantage of this space and turning it into your own, personal oasis is the perfect way to ensure it quickly becomes your favorite room in the house.

All too often does the laundry room become the most overlooked space in the house when it’s actually one of the most visited. Keep these tips in mind and find a color that fits your style perfectly today.

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