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How to Choose the Right Drywall Texture

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How to Choose the Right Drywall Texture

How to Choose the Right Drywall Texture

Most people think of drywall as just a surface for decoration. However, the texture greatly affects the quality of the home and how it is lived in. If you choose the wrong kind of texture for your home, you may have to redo the walls.

Choosing the right texture is not difficult but it does require some knowledge. Keep on reading to learn more about the different kinds of drywall textures.

What Are Different Drywall Textures?

Drywall comes in three main textures: smooth, rough, and textured. Smooth textures are the most common. They have a painted finish that is very similar to what you would find on an interior wall. 

Rough textures are rougher, with more grip for paint and glue. This is ideal for surfaces that receive extensive contact, like doors or cabinets. Textured finishes are not meant to be smooth. They are crafted to have the look of stone or brick.

Application is very important. Smooth textures are the easiest to apply and require the least amount of work, while textured finishes have a high chance of being damaged or applied poorly. Rough textures often have to be cut around windows and door frames, which can be time-consuming and tedious.

Tips on Choosing the Right Drywall Texture

Here are some tips on how you can choose the right drywall texture for your home.

  1. Determine Your Areas of Need

Think about where in your home would be most beneficial to have a textured surface. Bathrooms and kitchens are great candidates for textured drywall, but keep in mind that it can make these areas more difficult to clean. For the best grip, use rough finishes in doorways or counters. If you need extra strength, choose heavy-textured finishes.

  1. Plan Ahead

If you are using textured drywall, know that it is more difficult to paint over. If you plan to do extensive painting or tiling make sure you choose the right texture to fit your needs! You will also need to take extra precautions when applying textured drywall so that you don’t damage it. Smooth finishes can be painted or tiled without extra preparation.

  1. Consider the Overall Appearance

Remember that your drywall will have a huge impact on how your home looks! If you are going for a certain style, it might be confusing to use a textured finish when you want something smooth. Think about all of the different areas of your home before deciding what texture to use.

  1. Do Your Research

There are a lot of drywall options out there! Make sure you know all your choices before you make a decision. In the end, it doesn’t really matter which texture you choose as long as it fits the style and needs of your home. Try different textures on a small area like a closet first and make sure that you like the look before applying it to your entire home.

With these tips in mind, you should be well on your way to choosing the right drywall texture for your home! Remember that it is more about function than style, but don’t be afraid to get creative!

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