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Tips on Choosing an Accent Color for Your Exterior

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Tips on Choosing an Accent Color for Your Exterior

There is nothing more satisfying than having a home that reflects your personal tastes and makes you feel at home. While there are many things to consider when buying a house (location, size, etc.), it is important to choose an exterior color wisely as this can make or break the overall look of your house.

Here’s how to find the perfect hue for your home, depending on the style of architecture.

Modern Homes

If you have a modern-style home, try to find an exterior hue that complements its architecture. For example, if the interior has clean lines and lots of windows, then choose lighter colors like white or cream. If it’s ultra-modern with lots of metallic accents, look for bolder colors that will contrast well with the building.

Modern houses can be a bit boring and lack character, so adding a bright hue to the exterior of your home will give it a nice boost. However, you have to choose carefully as this may not work out so well if there are more traditional homes in the area as people may think that your house is unkempt.

Traditional Homes

If you have a traditional-style home, earthy tones work the best as these complement the details and architecture of houses that were built during this time.

For example, if your house has a lot of brick detailing then red or ochre would look stunning on it while yellow will be perfect for homes with white brickwork. These types of buildings also look great with greens, browns, and blues.

Older Homes

If you’re lucky enough to have an older home, then you can play around with color a bit more. You can try bright colors, but make sure that they are not too bold since this will give the impression that your house is in disrepair.

If your house is already weathered and you want to give it a fresh new look, try revitalizing the color as this will completely change the overall appearance of your property. Colors such as turquoise and yellow can make an ancient-looking home appear more modern while blues and greens will make it look vintage.

New Builds

If you’re building a new home yourself, then you should take some time to research and find the perfect hue for your exterior. This is because these colors will not only add charm and character to your house but also help it last longer by shielding it from harsh UV rays and extreme weather conditions.

You can experiment with various shades depending on the type of house you have. Neutral tones such as brown and grey are the safest option but they can make your house appear dull and boring.

Use these ideas to help you choose the right color for your exterior, but remember that it is important to get approval from your housemates before taking any drastic steps. Painting the exterior of your home requires a lot of time and effort, so make sure that everyone’s on board or else you may end up making changes twice!

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