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5 Reasons To Paint Your Walls Yellow

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5 Reasons To Paint Your Walls Yellow

yellow walls

yellow walls

When people buy a new house or renovate their rooms they have many interior design decisions to make. One of the most important decisions for a homeowner to make is the color they want to paint their walls. People are usually confused between painting their walls a warm or cool tone, a task that can be very daunting as it the central component of a room. Although this choice can be very overwhelming, but yellow is a great color to paint your walls, and here are 5 reasons to paint your walls yellow.

Provides a strong psychological impact

Every color has a psychological impact on our brain. Colors with longer wavelengths are more stimulating to the mind and yellow aptly affects our emotions. The color makes us feel more optimistic and the right shade of yellow will be able to lift up our self-esteem whilst boosting our confidence. The bright color captures the essence of the sun and gives off a very joyous vibe. Yellow is associated with happiness and painting your home in this color will surely welcome happiness through your door.

Makes the room look bigger

The color yellow can make any area look more expansive and welcoming. The bright hue will create an illusion of the room more spacious. Yellow is the optimum color for the kitchen, the hall, entries, the living room, small spaces and the bathroom. Pairing yellow with a paler shade and white will definitely make your living room look larger.

Matches well with wooden furniture

Furniture made out of wood or painted woody tones make a great duo with the color yellow. Dark brown furniture with mahogany undertones will go very well with the bright walls and will become a focal point in the room. Although the table and the chairs do not have to match the center piece of a dresser or a wardrobe, dark down frames should be hung on the walls to tie the whole room together.

Makes the house look more welcoming

Yellow creates the impression of light and warmth. The right shade of yellow is very pleasing to the eyes and gives off a very positive vibe which people are likely to be drawn to. The high energy feel to the room will make people want to be in that room and enclose themselves in a bright and happy place.

Works great as an accent wall

Painting your room yellow with ash – blond furniture and wooden flooring is a great collaboration. But if painting the room a sole yellow seeming a bit too daring and overwhelming, there are many great color combinations that accentuates the color yellow. As mentioned above, the marriage between yellow, pale yellow and white will give the room a very spacious and welcoming feel and yet make it seem imperturbable. Yellow with blue will also bode well for workout rooms as the two colors will provide a perfect psychological motivation. For yellow to fit flawlessly in the room it has to be paired with suitable colors. A warm yellow goes well with red that has an orangey-preach undertone and mixing yellow with apple green can give off a very jazzy and lively vibe. The main goal for yellow to not seem harsh, jarring or tacky is to combine warmer tones with earthier and moderately cool colors.

Yellow might seem to be a very daring color for the basic white wall painters but it is a good place to start while experimenting with different colors. Take a leap of faith, and give yellow a try!

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