5 Things To Consider Before Painting Your Walls

5 Things To Consider Before Painting Your Walls

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5 Things To Consider Before Painting Your Walls

Painting walls is a chore most homeowners dread. But, nothing makes your house look more like a home than a fresh coat of paint. It’s relatively cheap and it can transform your house into something a lot more attractive than it was before. Keeping that in mind, here are 5 things to consider before painting your walls, so that you get only the best from your can of paint.

  1. Weather Warning

Not all brands of paint perform the same in high or low temperatures, so be sure to choose your paint accordingly. Although, paints are increasingly becoming more resistant to extreme temperatures, it’s better to just choose a day that’s neither too hot nor too cold before you start painting. You also need to be mindful of the rain when painting house exteriors. You don’t want the rain to mess up that lovely hue you were going for.

  1. Primer Power

A good primer ensures proper adhesion of paint to the surface, increases paint durability and provides additional protection to the material being painted. It provides a solid base for the paint after filling all the holes and cracks. Some paints already have a primer mixed in, but it’s always much better to opt for a separate dedicated primer for better quality and to ensure that your walls don’t require a second coat of paint.

  1. Color Choices

Your walls are primed and ready to go, but before you crack open that paint can, consider the effects colors can have a room.

  • Red: Increases the room’s energy level and good for stirring up excitement. Known to increase appetite.
  • Yellow: Bright and cheerful. Yellow can also make smaller spaces look expansive and welcoming. Excellent choice for kitchens and dining rooms. But avoid using it in the main color scheme.
  • Blue: Blue is the most calming and serene color. Excellent for work areas as it is known to boost productivity. Blue in the bedroom also resonates calmness and relaxation. Avoid darker shades of blue as they tend to evoke sadness
  • Orange: Orange is best suited for exercise room as it evokes excitement and enthusiasm
  • Purple: Purple, the royal color, gives off the vibes of sophistication and luxury.
  • Green: Green combines the positive aspects of blue and yellow while brushing off the negatives. Suitable for almost any room. 
  1. Performance over Price

Focus more on the quality of the paint than the price-tag. Quality paint might cost more but it will last for years whereas cheaper alternatives might require a full repaint within the year. So in the long term, you benefit more from durable high standard paint than short term cheaper solutions.

  1. Professional Painter or DIY?

Hiring a professional is efficient, safe and you can be confident of an elegant outcome. You also don’t run the risk of being left with excess paint if you overestimate your DIY project. But if you’re skilled at painting and have plenty of free time, painting your own home can be a very fruitful experience.

So, if you’re in the mood to paint your entire house or parts of it, keep these things in mind.

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