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Do You Want a More Durable Interior Paint?…

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Do You Want a More Durable Interior Paint?…

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Are you looking for a more durable paint coating for your trim or walls because of the wear and tear it receives? You might want to consider a water based pre-catalyzed epoxy. This is an extremely durable multi-use coating.

Why an Epoxy?

An epoxy will dry harder and provide a more durable finish for high traffic areas that receive a lot of use. Do you have trim (doors & casings, baseboards) in your place of business or home where you are cleaning on a frequent basis? This coating will withstand the cleaning and not burnish and stain as easily.

This epoxy is a single component product that is water based. You do not have to worry about pot life and clean up. It usually comes on eggshell to semigloss sheens.

Where Do I Use This?

There are many places to use this product. Shops where you need to clean walls or trim from dirt or fumes. Hospitals, restaurants and schools are other places that receive a lot of heavy traffic where there is a need for a more durable coating. You may want to use this in your own home for the resistance it provides. We all know the abuse our walls and trim can take from a young family.

Moisture is a common problem in bathrooms. It collects on poorly vented bathroom ceilings and walls. Over time it can cause the paint to fail. We have used this in bathrooms ceilings & walls to provide a more durable finish where previous paints have failed.
Give us a call 697-5135 and we can visit about if this is the right product for your home or business.

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