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2022 Exterior Color Trends

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A few coats of paint can give your house a whole new look. There are color trends that are always in style, and there are other colors that are trending each year. In 2022, the color trends are classics. People are choosing dark shades, greens, classic neutral colors, and grays. With these trends, you can find the perfect color to transform your house.

Consider Warm Neutrals

White has always been a popular color for exterior paint, and in 2022, people are choosing warmer off whites and neutrals. You can find a range of colors on this palette, from earthy beige to soft yellow. Warm whites are fresh and clean without being bright and blinding. This toned-down color is relaxing and welcoming, and it makes a house feel like a home.

Look for Dark Shades

Another trend for 2022 is dark shades that blend into their surroundings while standing out. This is a move away from black and white, although it still has a place. If the darker colors are too much, you should pair items with lighter colors or materials such as stone. This will make your house warm and inviting while allowing it to stand out.


Although the green on a property typically comes from the landscaping, people are using it as paint color in 2022. There are dark greens that pair well with neutrals or any color, and they can be added to any black-and-white palette. Paired with beiges, it fits into its environment.

You can also try a lighter, silvery green that goes well with many different neutral colors. You can match the green to a black-and-white palette, and it can add an edginess that is quite striking.


Gray is another fresh neutral color that can add interest to your house. Gray paint makes a strong statement, and it is elegant at the same time. To find the right gray, you need to consider several factors. Look at the landscape around the house, as well as nearby architecture.

You should also consider how the light hits the house. Once you choose a shade, you can paint a test spot to see what it looks like at different times of the day. They have darker grays that look great with deep and soft blues, or you can choose a very dark gray that pairs well with black or a softer gray. There are many different options that will look great, and it gives your house stature and makes it look impressive.

Versatile Yellow

Yellow comes in many different shades, and it is one of the most versatile choices. It is a bright and sunny color, and it has a positive impact on people. It looks great in all seasons; yellow goes well with the oranges, reds, and yellows of the fall, and it looks great in the spring and summer against the Backdrop of green plants growing and coming to life. It is a popular trend in 2022 because people are looking to recharge.

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