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Expert Paint Tips for Beautiful Baseboards

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Baseboards exist mainly for aesthetic purposes. They protect the area where the floor or ceiling meets the wall. This provides a more natural transition and a nice decorative touch. Even if you are not interested in painting your walls a different color, adding paint to your baseboards can make a big difference in the appearance of the room.


Before you begin painting, you need to make sure the baseboards are clean. The last thing you want is for any dust or dirt to get trapped underneath the paint. This will affect the smoothness and application, creating problems you will have to deal with later on. A clean surface is important before you start painting anything in your home.

The next step is to properly tape off the area surrounding the baseboard. Since it is tricky to get into these places, painters’ tape will make sure you stay within the lines. You also need to protect your floor with a tarp or drop cloth in case of any dripping paint.

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Now comes the fun part: getting started with the painting process! The technique is relatively simple, but deciding on what you want your baseboards to look like is important. This will change the theme of your room, and you need to make sure the colors match well enough to look cohesive. There are several factors that come into play when selecting your paint color.

Taking a look at a color wheel can be very helpful. You probably know what colors appeal to you, but making sure you select a color that is complimentary with your existing wall color makes a difference. This is going to give the space that cohesive look. A complementary color does not have to match, but instead, appears on the opposite side of the color wheel. These are colors that function well together.

Consider the decor you have inside the room already. If you do not plan on giving the entire room a makeover, you should be sure that the baseboards will also complement your existing design. Going for a very bold color can make a statement, but this also might result in a color clash.

Your baseboards should add a nice touch to the space without becoming the main focus. When you take a look at your room as a whole, what really matters most is your floor color and wall color coordination. This makes up for most of the space and is typically the first thing people notice when walking into a room.

With the right preparation and the perfect color selection, your baseboards will become an excellent enhancement in any room. They are functional as space dividers and also give you a chance to add a little bit of a stylish flair to the space. Part of the fun about decorating your home comes when you decide to change up the color scheme. With how simple the process is, you can even opt for changing your baseboard color every few years to liven up your house and to explore different design options.

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