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What to Do With Old Paint?

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Do you have old paint that is sitting around your home or garage? Don’t know what to do with it? There are many ways of getting rid of it.

Before you decide to dispose of it make sure you won’t need it for touch ups around the house or for a future reference. If you are determined to get rid of paint that you might need later take a picture of the paint label and make a sample card with the existing paint. This way you can match it or have them make a new gallon. Many times manufacturers change their paints, so having the sample card ensures you will get an accurate match.

The easiest way to dispose of it is to take it to the landfill if you are located in Billings. They will not take your old paint if you are a contractor.

Many organizations will take paint that hasn’t been frozen or turned bad. Some of these places include Habitat Restore, schools, and art programs. Always call first to make sure they are in need to take on additional paint. Make sure you get a receipt so you can write it off on your taxes.

Place kitty litter or sawdust in a bucket/box and pour paint over it. Stir it and allow the kitty litter to absorb the paint. You will have to mix it around and work the paint into the kitty litter. Then let it dry out. Once it is dry you can toss it in the garbage.

If you have full gallons of paint leftover from a project you can always try to sell it online. Giving it away for free will always help it move faster. Craigslist, Facebook, Letgo and other sites are good places to advertise it.

Another option is to pour the paint old plywood or drywall and spread it around. Once it is dry you can do it again and repeat until all the paint is gone. This will be more time consuming.

Hope this helps you with your choices on what to do with your old paint.

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