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Trending Colors for the Exterior of Your Home

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Trending Colors for the Exterior of Your Home

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If your home needs a new look or the current paint isn’t holding up after several years of exposure to the elements, it may be time to bring out the brush or hire a pro to do the job. At certain times of the year, especially when the seasons are changing, people begin to think about the colors used on the exterior of their homes.

Naturally, this painting task is best completed when the weather is suitable, which makes spring the perfect time to put that new exterior paint to work. Of course, you want the choice to reflect your tastes and personality. Perhaps one of the popular colors for the current year will be just what you’re looking for. While exterior paint colors don’t follow trends as often as interior paint might, there are some that have not only gained popularity recently but also fit well with certain types of structural styles.

As you decide which hue will work best for you and your home, give serious thought to the design of the home and choose a paint type and color that will work with the material that covers the outside surface. While it’s not absolutely necessary to choose your color based on what’s used on houses around you, you should give this some thought as well. (Homeowners’ associations sometimes have color restrictions.)

Basics, Neutrals

As you and your family members discuss the trends and choices or when you consult with a professional painter, you might give some thought to the basics. Neutral colors can provide a mature and “solid” look that is sometimes lost if the shade is too bright or too warm. In 2017, for example, many people have returned to white for the largest part of the exterior and then added carefully selected accent colors in bold shades.

You might also balance or complement your roof by choosing a contrasting color or a hue that works well with the material and color of the roof. Many homes have dark gray or black roofs so you want a color that is not so bold. You can also keep your choices in the same “family” by combining a brown roof with a tan or cream choice. Your best option would be to move a shade or two lighter in the same area.

A Bit Brighter

If you’d like a look that’s a bit brighter, you might go with yellow, though you should keep it mellow if you want to follow one of the trends of 2017. This excellent option gives your home a welcoming-but-fun look and feel. To give the home some contrast, you should choose black for trim and shutters, for example. Even a bright white will work in these areas.

Green, blue, and gray are other sections on the massive palette that you have to choose from. Select a darker gray to offset stone or brick for a comfortable yet solid appearance. Greens are popular as well, especially in the range of forest green, which is a bit darker and might be a good choice for stone homes. If you decide to use blue, make it a softer hue such as sky blue.


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