Spruce Up Your Summer Home with a New Paint Job

Spruce Up Your Summer Home with a New Paint Job

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Spruce Up Your Summer Home with a New Paint Job

What is enlightening about summer is that opportunities abound for improving the looks of your home. One way to improve the looks of a summer property without paying a great deal of money is by painting the exterior. Because summer temperatures are more conducive to painting, it is best to paint a home during this time of year.

Choosing a Paint Color

You simply need to choose an attractive color and shade of paint. To make a selection, you need to consider the architectural style of your home as well as the masonry. While some homes are frame homes and do not display any brick or stone, some homes are partially made of wood and partially made of stone or brick materials.

Stick with Safe Colors

If you are still unsure about your paint choices, stick with colors that are considered “safe” and neutral. These colors include light beige, light grey, pale blue, very light yellow, and white. You can also paint the door, if you so choose, with a darker or more vibrant color such as red, royal blue, or hunter green. For example, if you decide to paint your home grey, a front door painted red or hunter green would look great. Maybe you would like to paint the exterior light yellow. If so, a door painted royal blue would look appealing with a yellow exterior.

Painting the Trim

The trim on the house should also be painted, and should be a slightly lighter or darker color than the paint you choose for the siding. For instance, if you wish to paint your home a medium beige color, choose a slightly darker or lighter beige for the trim. If you want to paint your home white, you can contrast the trim, painting it a light grey, for example, or perhaps a pale blue.

Contrast the Trim If You Paint the House White

As you can see, you have a number of color options open to you when you choose to revitalize your summer home. You just need to survey the exterior of your home and carefully examine your color choices. When making a selection, consider how the color will appear at various times of the day. For instance, the color of your home will look different in the evening, when the sun is setting, than it will during daytime hours.

Artificial Lighting

Also, consider the artificial lighting that is used outside. Maybe you have lights to illuminate your shrubs as well as security lights. In either case, you need to consider how the color you choose will appear in these kinds of lighting conditions.

Making Preparations

As you can see, changing your home’s exterior is a realizable goal. However, you need to carefully choose the colors you use if you want to make your project a success. You will also need to make sure that the house is prepped before it is painted. That means you need to acquire tarpaulins for protecting your plants.

If you do not want to pay extra to re-side your house or you wish to have more control over the cost of a renovation, you will find that painting your home’s exterior will enable you to realize your home remodeling goals at a price you can afford.

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