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What Is Textured Paint and Should You Use it?

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What Is Textured Paint and Should You Use it?

What Is Textured Paint and Should You Use it?

Textured paint can do many different things for your walls. You can create an interesting focal point with faux finishes, or you can create a rustic look. It does a great job of hiding imperfections, so if you aren’t up for replacing drywall that has seen better days, you might want to consider this type of paint job.

What Is Textured Paint?

Textured paint is thicker than standard paint, and it comes in a few different forms. You can buy premixed textured paint, which comes ready for use. It is usually paint mixed with sand. You can also buy paint and mix the texture ingredients yourself. People often use sand for this as well, but they have the flexibility to create exactly the amount of texture they want for their walls. Finally, you can buy smooth textured paint. There is no sand added, but the paint is thicker and you can mimic the look of plaster or stucco with it.

Most textured paint does not come with color in it; normally, you will use the textured paint first. Then, once it is completely dry, you can paint the color over it. It is important to test it before you apply it because textured paint is more difficult to remove.

Why Do People Use Textured Paint?

Modern textured paint allows you to be creative with your walls. The texture adds interest to the walls, and you can create many different effects. People often use wallpaper to create visually interesting designs on the walls, and textured paint is a more affordable way of achieving the same effect. You can create many different styles and patterns, from stucco to linen, to modern 3D designs.

In addition, textured paint will cover any imperfections in the wall. If your drywall is damaged, you may not be able to paint it without the damage showing. However, when you use textured paint, the design in the walls will hide these blemishes.

Using Tools to Create Style

You can use tools to manipulate the smooth style textured paint to create a desired look. These tools include rollers, cloth, stencils, and sponges, and you use them while the paint is wet to create whatever pattern you want on the wall. 

How to Use Textured Walls

You can paint any room with textured walls. The texture will make the room feel smaller, so people often use it in a room with high ceilings and natural sunlight. If a room is small and has only one or two small windows, it may feel too small. 

Another option is to paint an accent wall with textured paint, and this will work in any room. The accent wall will serve as a focal point, and this textured wall will bring just enough style in to make the room interesting. 

Using textured paint can add a lot of character to your home, and you have many different options. You can create a unique style that reflects your personality with this decorating style.

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