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Is It Time to Repaint Your Shed?

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Is It Time to Repaint Your Shed?

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There are a number of signs that indicate when you need to repaint your shed, and doing so quickly will ensure you avoid any damage to the actual surface of the property over time. A fresh new coat of paint will certainly improve the appearance of your shed, and it will also serve to seal the structure against external elements so you never find moisture seeping into the shed during the moist months of the year. This is something you must do to keep your shed, and your home for that matter, protected throughout the year and for many years to come.

Cracks, Chips, and Flakes

Paint will eventually begin to crack, chip, or flake away after years of use, and this is not only unsightly to see but may pose a potential danger to your health. Paints are no longer produced with lead as an ingredient, but the inhalation of small particles is never good for your lungs in general, and it is best to avoid this risk at all times. The moment you begin to notice the paint in various areas of the shed beginning to flake and crack, it is a clear sign that you need to have the surface repainted.

Change of Color

It may be that you simply do not enjoy the color of your shed and finally want to take action to remove the old paint or to simply paint over it with a more visually appealing option. Although not all sheds are visible from the road, a well-painted structure on your property will increase in value over time and provide a potential attraction to those who may wish to purchase your home from you in the near or distant future. It may be that you love orange, but the color of your shed is on the opposite end of the color wheel, and a painting project is just what you need to correct the issue.

Exposed Wood

Any wooden shed must be painted or finished with a protective coating to avoid the inevitable start of wood rot, and this is why you cannot afford to wait around after you notice that bare wood is exposed. Paint is not simply used to make a structure look more attractive—it is also used to protect the surface on which it’s applied from moisture and the invasion of pests such as burrowing beetles and termites. Painting exposed wood is also highly cost-effective. Many paints costing far less than you might imagine, so you do not need to push your budget beyond its limitations.

Wood Rot

It may be that you didn’t notice exposed wood for some time, and now there is wood rot beginning to take root in your shed. This is a serious sign you need to repaint the wood as soon as possible, but only after removing and replacing the rotted wood. If this is impossible, there are methods of addressing the issue so that you may repaint the structure with peace of mind.

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