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Paint Ideas for Your Home Office

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Paint Ideas for Your Home Office

Office Paint Ideas

Working in a home office is not always inspirational, but it’s not always about the work. Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint is needed to really make the most of a space and give it a whole new look. In fact, it’s amazing what can be achieved with just the right paint color scheme. In the spirit of improving the work from home experience, here are three paint ideas for the home office:

  1. Be Bold with a Feature Wall

Accent or feature walls are a great way to really add vibe to a room. Usually, you’d paint only a single wall for the effect, and it might be a good idea to paint the wall behind where you’re sitting in the home office. 

Since you’re only painting one wall of the office you can really go wild with your color choice. You can certainly keep it harmonized by choosing a slightly darker or more intense version of the color already on the other walls, or you can go for something completely different. 

The best thing about an accent or feature wall is that it’s all about expressing who you are. So, how bold do you want your home office to be?

  1. Use Your Walls as a Chalkboard

Did you know that you can go out and buy chalkboard paint from the hardware store? When painted on in either black or white, it looks and acts just like a board for writing on. 

Imagine being able to use one of your office walls as a full wall chalkboard for writing important messages? If you have a home office where other people work, you can even use it as a novel way to have meetings with agendas. Just tick each item off on the wall as the meeting progresses.

If you work in the home office alone and you don’t want to use an entire wall, you could just use part of it for those important messages. In this way, you can use it as something of an accent wall to spruce things up. Even the kids can have a go at decorating a chalk wall and livening up the space.

  1. Create a Sense of Space

If you have a smallish home office and you want to make it look bigger, you could just go with a classic white paint job. Of course, if you want something a touch more exciting than plain white, you could always paint an ombre.

Typically used to describe a hairstyle that fades from one shade to another, the ombre technique can also be used in interior painting. Choose a series of paints that fade gradually from one shade to another and from dark to light or light to dark. Then you can blend them right on the walls so that you get a graduated color fade.

Apart from how unique it looks, the biggest benefit is that the home office will look bigger. This is because the color graduation tricks your brain into seeing more space because there’s more depth to the colors.

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