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Modern Painting Variations for Interior Doors

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How often do you think about the interior doors of your home or office? It’s a sure bet that most people don’t think about them too much at all. If you really want to add some spice and pizazz to your home, there are lots of painting ideas for interior doors that are very modern. Here are some ideas:

Creating Order Through Patterns

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have some modern abstract art in your home? Your doors present a really interesting opportunity for modern design. Think of each interior door as a canvas that you can decorate at your whim, rather than just another boring old door.

Symmetrical designs, such as polka dots, diagonal stripes, and so on can really add a sense of movement to the interior of any home. Contrasting colors, such as orange and blue, can add a sense of dynamism that’s hard to ignore.

If you want to encourage an atmosphere of peace and serenity, why not choose more harmonious colors, such as pale blue and dark blue, or grey and light brown? It’s a good idea to look through some design magazines or even some modern abstract art books for inspiration. You’ll be surprised at what you can find in these sources.

Create a Universe of Stars

If you’re looking to excite the eye, why not paint a starry night sky on some of your interior doors? This is not for every home, and it may work only as a feature door design, rather than on all doors, but painting a door black or dark blue and then painting pinpoints of white stars on it can really draw the eye.

Make sure that you paint a variety of small and large stars to give a sense of depth and perspective to the whole scene. You can even try your hand at painting some swirling galaxies and even add some iridescent paint to liven it all up.

A Door with a View

If you live in the city, you probably don’t have much of a view of Mother Nature, so why not paint your doors with tranquil nature scenes? This is one novel way to bring the outdoors inside and add some interest.

It doesn’t have to be difficult, so start with a nice blue sky and some green grass and trees. You can even paint on some flowers and other details, such as animals if you have a knack for it. Going in a slightly different direction, why not add a rainbow and some other hyper-realistic elements to the scene?

Using Your Interior Doors to Their Fullest

All too often, the doors in our modern homes get forgotten about. They tend to be treated as purely functional things, but this can all be changed with some good ideas, paint, and artistry. Every door in your home is a potential art canvas, so why not use them to make a statement about who you are and what you want your home to be?

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