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What to Look for in a Professional Painter

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While most people hire painters to paint their home’s exterior, you want to make sure the painter you choose is well-versed in painting interiors as well. Contact at least three different painting contractors for information and quotes before making a final decision.

How Many People Make Up the Painter’s Crew?

Ask the contractor how many people work for him or her and how much experience each member of his or her crew possesses as a painter. You also want to see how the painter takes care of prepping a surface. Preparation is important as a painted surface should be even and smooth and free of noticeable defects.

What the Written Estimate Should Include

Once you get an idea about the size of the painting crew and how the painter prepares surfaces for painting, ask for a written estimate. An estimate that is properly presented provides a breakdown of the costs for materials, labor, and the number of coats of primer and paint that will be used. It should also provide a detailed outline about the steps that will be taken for preparing the surface.

Ask for References

To confirm a painter’s credentials, you need to review his or her past work and check his references. Ask the painter if he can supply you with local contacts who have used his painting services. Follow up by calling the former customers. Ask the references if the painting work was done to their satisfaction. Drive past the properties that had exterior painting work done.

What Are the Painter’s Credentials?

Once you have an idea about the skill level and expertise the painter, get an even better understanding by reviewing his or her credentials. The painter should be a member of a local industry group or trade association. While possessing membership in a professional organization does not guarantee the quality of the painting work, it will show that a contractor is committed to his or her profession.

Review the Contract for the Painting Work

If you are satisfied with the experience level of the crew and painter and have reviewed the painter’s references and credentials, you may want to have him or her draw up a contract. Just make sure the agreement features the painter’s full contact details and outlines what is and what is not included in the painting work.

Does He or She Stand behind His or Her Work?

You also want to obtain a copy of the contractor’s workers’ compensation and liability certificates. He or she should possess these coverages. Otherwise, you could be held financially liable if one of his or her workers drops a ladder on your neighbor’s auto. In addition, ask if the contractor carries a guarantee. This guarantee should cover any problems with the paint job. For example, the painter should be able to correct any type of flaking, blistering, chipping, or peeling within two years after the painting work. He or she should be able to perform the service at no cost to you or for a small fee.

When Was Your Home Last Painted?

The painter you choose should want to collaborate with you. That means he or she should use the paint you prefer, not the paint he or she likes. Also, make sure the contractor takes certain precautions. For example, if your home’s exterior was painted over 40 years ago, the paint may contain lead. Therefore, you need to make sure he or she can handle any problems in this respect.

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