A Less Stressful Way to Plan for a Painting Project

A Less Stressful Way to Plan for a Painting Project

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A Less Stressful Way to Plan for a Painting Project

Matt the Painters wants to lend you a few tips to help budget and plan for your next painting project. Winter is a time when many homeowners start thinking about their next painting job whether it’s the inside of their homes, buildings and planning for an exterior paint job in the Spring. There is such a lengthy process with painting projects which include choosing the right colors, brands, the type of preparation that’s needed. People often turn to many different sources of information and some are more reliable than other sources. Use this information to help plan your next painting job and it will substantially increase chances of a successful project.

Examination of what your painters or you did last year or any of the years prior will give an insight into what isn’t working and what does work. Setting limits and goals early on what kind of results you expect is a great way to set a budget and any expectations for the upcoming painting project.

The first part is very important. You will need to examine all surfaces carefully before being painted. Take time and make notes of your finding to help you ponder on how you want the space to look once the project is finished. This is the time to look and think about all your options that can save money and time with the best quality results. Keep in mind that not all problems can be resolved with paint and preparation work. Often, there’s a needed roof repair or carpentry repair.

Ask yourself these simple questions and they will point to the right kind of preparation to implement and the kind of paint and primers that should be used.

  • Has the surface been painting previously?
  • What condition is the coat of paint in?
  • Will you need power washing?
  • What colors of paint will be a better choice?
  • Are there repairs needed to alleviate any problems?
  • Is there water based or oil paint on the surface now?
  • Is lead paint present on the walls?

If you upkeep a large property or even a small property, it can be overwhelming but there is no need to panic. Start with a medium or small project each year or once a quarter. Slowly but surely, tasks will be completed as needed. There are ways of breaking down bigger tasks into smaller, manageable tasks. For example, if you’re planning to have the exterior of you home painted, but don’t have much money or time to invest in a major painting project, start with the windows as the first project.

Woodwork, moldings, and trim, when painted correctly, will prolong the life of the paint job. Adding layers on top of another layer of paint isn’t the right way to maintain the quality of a painting job. A surface with too much paint can be a problem. People who live in older model homes are very familiar with this problem.

We hope this article will help you prepare the next planned painting project. Matt the Painter in Billings, MT has many years of knowledge to help prepare and plan. To schedule an estimate, pick up your phone and dial (406) 697-5135.


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