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Interior Painting Tip: Add an Accent Wall

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Interior Painting Tip: Add an Accent Wall

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Homeowners truly like accent walls; walls that are diverse in shape, design, or hues from whatever remains of the wall in the room.  Interior designers may let you know that the accent wall, which was quite trendy a few years back, is now only a passing fad, or even that it’s dead. But you can’t tell the millions of homeowners who still paint accent walls in their home.

Despite there are the individuals who genuinely don’t care for interior accent walls, they favor every one of the four walls to be a similar color, there are good reasons why you should consolidate them into your enhancing your décor.

Why Accent Walls are a Smart Design Idea

When done accurately, they can make a little room seem larger. By painting one of the walls a profound rich color, you can give an illusion of room being bigger.  Color can be added to a room, perhaps your most loved color, without overwhelming the space, and without seeming as though you found a decent paint deal, so you put it on your interior walls. Alongside adding color to a room, an accent wall can intrigue your guests and give it a nice texture appearance.

If there is a space that is utilized for more than one purpose, you can use paint on an accent wall to complement the space visually. Open floor plans are great contenders for this since you can characterize spaces while keeping the open feeling.

How Do I Choose the Correct Wall to Add an Accent?

Many individuals make the error of selecting the wrong wall to put on a splash of color. Investigate the room so you won’t commit to this error. Is there a wall that your eyes automatically concentrate on when you stroll into the room? Possibly, it’s the main wall you see that’s opposite of the entrance. The ceiling is another option to add an accent to and often forgotten by individuals.

Consider the Architecture of the Room

If the room is long and narrow, use the shortest wall for accent. This will help make the room seem a lot less long or narrow. Does the room have a wall that is molded into another shape other than rectangular? That’s a natural wall you can add a color accent.  

When you’re picking the wall to add a color accent, dependably consider what you’re attempting to finish with this interior decorating treatment. Are you attempting to intrigue others, add the illusion of more space, or make the room feel more personal? When you have determined that, it will be less demanding to pick the correct wall.

It’s possible to use too much of your chosen accent color, recollect on the 60-30-10 painting rule.

  • 60% of the room – whether it’s art or paint upholstery is ideally the main color in the room.
  • 30% of the room – this portion of the room is usually a secondary color
  • 10% of the room – gloats the selected accent color

Matt the Painter is a professional painting company serving Billings, MT, and surrounding areas. We can guide you through the process and help choose the best accent colors for your interior. Schedule an interior painting consultation by dialing (406) 697-5135.

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