Key Steps to Follow to Paint Your Driveway Successfully

Key Steps to Follow to Paint Your Driveway Successfully

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Key Steps to Follow to Paint Your Driveway Successfully

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Painting a driveway can be done. You just need to know how to properly go about the process. Usually, when a driveway is painted, it is made of concrete. So, before you do any type of painting, you need to remove any cars or bikes that are parked on the pavement. Plus, when a driveway is painted, it needs seven days to cure. So, keep this in mind, as the driveway cannot be used during that time.

Sweep Away Any Debris

First, you need to sweep the driveway of debris. Next, combine some etch primer in a bucket of water and use a stiff broom to scrub the driveway with the mix. Allow the primer to sit on the pavement for about ten minutes before hosing it off.

Mask the Edging

Next, you will need to mask the edges to protect certain areas from the paint. These spots might include the doors or walls of the garage. Other areas may include the borders of the garden or the cover of a drain. All of the surfaces should be prepped and protected with masking tape.

Thin Out the Paint before You Begin Painting

Before you begin painting, you should thin out the paint a bit with some mineral turpentine. Because driveway paint can be thick, it can be somewhat difficult to smoothly apply the paint to a surface that is somewhat rough. To obtain an even first coat you need to dilute the paint with turpentine.

Cutting In

When you begin painting the driveway, start by painting the edges and detailed spots with a paint brush. This part of the process is called “cutting in.” After you take this step, employ a paint roller for the rest of the project. Never paint yourself into a corner. That means that you should begin at the back and work toward a point where you can exit.

Apply a Second Coat after Waiting 16 Hours

Once the initial coat has been applied and has cured for 16 hours, give the driveway a follow-up coat with paint that is undiluted. After the second coat has been applied, do not use the pavement for seven days, as previously stated.

What to Choose in Tools and Accessories

When you take on this type of project, make sure you have all the tools and substances that you need. You will want a long roller or extended heavy-duty roller to apply the paint to the driveway. It is also helpful to wear a disposable dust mask when taking on this type of project. In addition, make sure you have a bag of white rags on hand. When selecting a paint brush, make sure it is made of a high-tech or quality synthetic material. It is best to choose an assortment of brushes so that you can cut in effectively.

One Final Reminder

Again, make sure you never back yourself into a corner and that you can always find a way to exit the driveway. By taking these initiatives, you will experience success when taking on this type of painting task.

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