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Is it Time to Power Wash Your Home?

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Is it Time to Power Wash Your Home?

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There will eventually come a time when you realize that the outside of your home is looking a little bit less than new. Depending on the weather around you and the climate of where you live, your house can become dirtier more quickly, which is unfortunate. Thankfully, there is a relatively easy answer to dealing with a filthy house exterior. For instance, you could consider using a power wash machine to clean the outside of your house, leaving no trace of any dirt or grime. If you do manage to get access to a power washer, the next biggest question that you will want to think about is how often you will need to power wash your home. Before you can determine how long you will need to wait between power washing sessions, you will first need to get a good idea on what a dirty home exterior looks like.

What Does a Dirty House Exterior Look Like?

As you might be able to imagine, it is quite easy to spot when a house truly needs to be cleaned off. At its worst, the exterior of a house can be discolored with mold, grime, and dust caked on top of it. If your house is a noticeably different color than it was when you originally bought it, it might be safe to assume that your house seriously needs a power wash. Another clue to whether or not it is time to wash your house is the smell. If the outside of your house smells exactly as you thought it would, and it looks exactly as you expect it to, then you can also safely assume that your house is not quite in dire need of a power wash just yet. However, if you are beginning to notice a smell reminiscent of mold or dirt, you might want to consider investing in a power washer. These are just a few of the things that you should pay attention to when you are trying to decide whether or not it is time to power wash your home, although you could argue that these are the most important things to note.

What Exactly Is Power Washing?

Before you begin to start looking into whether or not it is time to power wash your home, you will also want to know what a power washer is and how it works. As the name probably suggests, a power washer is a device that you can use, or you could hire a professional to come by and get the job done. The power washer itself uses water propelled out at incredibly high speeds. In fact, pressure washing involves using a water pressure so high that it could actually damage your body if it was aimed directly at you. If you do decide to power wash your house, you are going to want to be extra wary of washing around the siding, windows, and any fragile places in your house’s exterior. This is because the water used by power washers is let out at such high velocities, it can cause physical damage to you and your house. With that being said, as long as you or a professional uses the power washer properly, you can have a wonderfully clean house before you know it.

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