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How to Evaluate Painting Proposals

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Getting a painting proposal is one of the first steps in hiring a painter to do a job for you. It is important to understand how to evaluate it because different painters can include different information in the proposal. The key is to know what you need to know so that you can make a good decision. Take a look at tips to help you evaluate painting proposals.

Details of the Project

Make sure that the details of your painting project are exactly what you want to be done. If there is a room missing or anything else that you expect to be done, let the painting company know. This will ensure that they do the job you want done. One way to make sure that each company bids on the same project is to write up a project subscription. Include all of your expectations in this description, and make sure that the proposal reflects your request. 

Look for Project Information

When you read the proposal, the painting company should let you know what products will be used in the project. They should include the type of paint, whether it is oil-based or latex. They should include primer, and they should specify how many coats are included. In addition, they should mention what equipment they are supplying. This includes ladders, drop cloths, tape, brushes, rollers, and anything else they will use. It should also let you know whether you are expected to clear out the rooms before they arrive. Make sure that there are no surprises when you hire them to do the job. If anything is missing, you should clear it up right away before you hire them to start the project. 

The Price

You should also examine the price and compare the proposals. If they all cover the same scope of work, you can see how they compare. If you notice that one proposal is a lot more or a lot less, you will want to find out why. In addition, the proposal should include a payment schedule that tells you exactly when the payments are due. Make sure that the price covers everything you expect to be done so that there aren’t any surprises at the end. If you do make any changes after you accept a proposal, be sure to get a new proposal that outlines the changes and the change in price. 

Other Information

You can look for other information such as the number of painters who will be working on the job, how long they expect it to last, and when they plan to begin. The proposal should also include the name of the painter and their business information. They should have insurance, and they should be licensed. Make sure that there is a space where you and the contractor both sign the agreement. This will bind them to the contract. You can look for a section where they state their policies concerning cancellation or changes to the contract. When the proposal has more information, there is a lower chance of miscommunication. 

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