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How to Brighten Your Home’s Darkest Room

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How to Brighten Your Home’s Darkest Room

How to Brighten Your Home’s Darkest Room

Having dark wall colors, furniture, and accent decorations in a room can make a room stand out and look very stylish. However, these things aslo tend to make a room feel too dark, and it can be hard to figure out how to strike the right balance between having the dark style that you want and still having the room feel bright.

Beyond simply adding more lights to a room, there are a few very effective things that you should try out.

Wall Color

The color of walls is what most prominently defines a room. A mistake that a lot of people make when painting is choosing a paint color that is too dark. It’s better to pick a color you think might be too light than a color you think will be a little too dark.

You can still have a dark wall color, but try to pick a shade that’s only slightly lighter than what you would want in a room. Remember that the color will change darkness throughout the day, and having a slightly lighter color will make it so that the color is not way too dark when the lights are out, or when it is night.

Lighting Fixtures

Sometimes, having ceiling lights can actually make a room feel darker. Ceiling lights cast a lot of shadows on furniture, especially when they are the only source of light in a room. Using ceiling lights is going to make a dark room feel even darker and closed off.

Adding lamps and pendant lights will make a huge difference in the way that the light shines around a room. There will be fewer shadows, especially if you have a few different lights at different heights.

For example, if you frame a couch with two end tables with lamps, and then also use ceiling lights, the two heights of light will balance the shadows they both cast.

It’s also important not to choose bulky light fixtures for a dark room. Choose a bright light that isn’t enclosed in too much metal or fabric.


You could also change up the furniture in a room to make the room brighter. If you have a dark couch, you could refinish the couch in a lighter fabric. The same thing goes for chairs, which can easily be updated to a lighter fabric.

Adding a light-colored rug will give a similar effect, and it will brighten up the floor space. A light-colored rug will reflect more light around the room, too.

Furniture and rugs are large objects that make a huge difference in the lighting of a room.


If you are on a budget, you can easily change a room that feels too dark with accents. Buy things such as white or pale-colored pillows and throw blankets for a living room. Buy white

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