Get Your Home In "Paint Shape" for the Holidays

Get Your Home In “Paint Shape” for the Holidays

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November 22, 2015
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November 30, 2015
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Get Your Home In “Paint Shape” for the Holidays

Friends and family will be coming and going from our homes over the holidays. As we prepare our homes for guests and decorations there might be some opportunities to make sure that our home shows at its best.


Maybe your house is newer or has been painted recently. It may just need a little touch up painting. Areas to look at would be trim. Baseboards get hit by the vacuum, caulk loosens up over time and cracks out and collects dirt. Doors get soiled around door knobs and receive scuff marks at the bottom when someone uses their foot to open them. Door frames can receive nicks and damages from moving furniture and personal items in and out of rooms over time. Check windows for failing and staining of paint near the glass where moisture can collect from condensation. The sills of windows may need attention from blinds, dog/cat paws and children scratches. Don’t forget the fireplace and mantel where your stockings will be hanging.



Check ceilings and walls for cracks and damages that stand out in all rooms especially in kitchens, family & dining rooms, and guest bedrooms. Is there a room in the house that you started to paint and didn’t finish. We can relieve you of that holiday stress.

Look at your guest bedrooms and bathrooms.  We do not go into and use these rooms as much during the rest of the year. Is it time to freshen these rooms up, touch them up or give them a makeover for our family and friends that will be visiting?

How is it that we always end up in the kitchen? The food of course. Look at the walls above the counter tops around the sink and food prep areas. Look at the ceiling above the stove. The ceiling over time collects the spaghetti sauce, grease and splatters of cooking just like the inside of a microwave.

We will be spending a lot of time greeting and saying goodbye in our foyer. It is important that it is looking good. Make sure you inspect the front door. It may just need to be cleaned to remove any scuff marks and oils from hands. If not we can paint it a new color to make it “pop” or bring back its original luster.


I hope this helps you in getting your home in “Paint Shape” for the holidays. Our “weight shape” can wait until after the first of the year with the rest of our resolutions. Enjoy the holidays and know we are here if needed to take any of these issues off your plate. Matt the Painter 697-5135.

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