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Color Trends for the Living Room in 2018

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The living room is often the room where families spend the most time, which makes choosing the right color an important decision. If you need help selecting a color for your living room, consider these color trends for 2018.

Recreate the Night Sky with Ultraviolet

Last year, the most popular color trends were neutral colors. This year, homeowners are taking bigger risks and using bolder colors and design options. One example of this is the use of ultraviolet.

Ultraviolet is the color of the year. While this color resembles the night sky, it does not need to darken your living room. In fact, ultraviolet can help brighten things up. Consider pairing this color with a neutral accent color such as a light gray.

Shades of Gray for Monochrome Designs

While light gray is a suitable accent color for ultraviolet, darker shades of gray are also trending as base colors for living rooms. A dark onyx or a charcoal gray may help create more depth in your living room.

The darker shades of gray work great with monochrome designs. You may use lighter, neutral colors for an accent wall or your furnishings and décor.

Add Warmth with a Bright Yellow

Pastel yellow was a popular choice for several years. However, people are starting to choose brighter shades of this color. Instead of recreating the night sky with ultraviolet, you can recreate sunshine with a bright yellow.

A bright, sunny shade of yellow works well with white and pink accents. White helps balance the brighter color while pink helps complement it.

Wine Red for a Sophisticated Room

A deep wine red is also a trending color in 2018. While this color was primarily used in dining rooms and kitchens for many years, it is starting to make its appearance in more living rooms. The wine color can make a large living room more inviting, especially when paired with the right accent colors.

The most common accent colors for wine red include neutral colors. Cream or a neutral yellow-green color helps offset the deep red color.

Pale Pink Works with Bold or Neutral Colors

The final color trend for the year is pale pink. This includes pastel pinks and blush pink colors. These colors are versatile and can help add a more contemporary look to your home.

The versatility of a pale pink allows you to use bold or neutral colors for an accent. If you prefer a bold statement, consider pairing the pale pink with a deep green or black. If you want to mute the pink with a neutral color, white and light gray are suitable options.

While these are the most popular color trends for the living room in 2018, it is also important to note that not everyone uses his or her living room in the same way. If you want to create a calm living space, consider using some of the more neutral colors, such as gray. However, this is the year of bold colors, which can help create a lively and vibrant living room.

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