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Color Choices for a Stylish Youth Room

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When your child turns into a young adult, making sure that they’re in touch with all the trends of the time will suddenly become incredibly important. Because of things such as social media and photo sharing sites, youths today are much more stylish now than they ever have been before. This means that one of the first things they’re going to want to do is repaint their bedroom to look like something out of a designer magazine. Finding a balance to help keep things young and fun without appearing childish at the same time as not making things seem too grown-up will be your main concern. To get you started, here are a few of the best color choices to help you create a stylish and trendy youth room today. 

Keep it White 

Youths today understand the importance of simplicity and the ability to accessorize. Because of this, one of the top trending colors happens to be a simple white. This wall color ensures that your teenager is able to express themselves in any way that they might want whether that be to hang lights from one side of the room to another or a bright and bold set of sheets without having to worry about clashing with their walls. Additionally, choosing a basic color like white allows them to grow and adjust their sense of style as they age rather than having to repaint the room over and over again. 

Light Grey 

Another neutral color that’s a little bolder than a simple white, without going overboard, is light grey. This color will still allow your youths to play around with more eccentric accessories while making a bit more of a statement than plain white walls. Pair this color with brighter colors such as neon pink or green to keep the space feeling lively so that your kid loves coming home and settling in at the end of a long day at school. 

Chalkboard Paint 

Is your youth particularly artsy or creative? Then why not provide them with the perfect space to express themselves by painting one of their walls black with chalkboard paint? This will be the ideal way for them to let off a little steam while they’re studying and really explore their more creative side without you having to worry about cleaning up any sort of mess. Best of all, you’ll be able to watch as they move their way around their own sensibility, seeing first hand how exciting the world of art can really be. 


Another incredibly popular color choice right now is teal. This bolder color will really make a statement and show off just how much life your youth has. Teal is also incredibly electrifying so it will definitely help them get ready to start the day when they’d rather lay in bed until noon. The best part might just be the range of other colors teal works well with, which means they can keep this bold wall color for years and still have the freedom to choose whatever kind of accessories they love. 

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