Beautify the Interior of Your Rental Property with Paint

Beautify the Interior of Your Rental Property with Paint

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Beautify the Interior of Your Rental Property with Paint

If you own a home that you rent out to tenants, it’s going to need some tender loving care occasionally. Most tenants strive to keep the rental property in good condition but the fact is that general wear and tear over time can make any home look old.

Of course, not every homeowner or landlord will have the budget to do major renovations. The good news is that a lick of paint can do wonders for any home and can really freshen it up.

The Benefits of Painting Your Property

If you want to make an impact in your rental property but you don’t quite have the budget to do anything big, buying some brushes and paint is a good idea. Here are the benefits of painting your property:

  1. Cost-Effective

First and foremost, painting is a very cost effective way of making an impact. Rather than renovate everything, painting all of the walls can make everything look very fresh. It’s a very affordable way of making a difference.

  1. Add Value

If you want to get more rent for your property, painting it both inside and outside can make a big impact. The better and fresher a home looks, the more that can potentially be charged in rent for it.

Furthermore, if you plan to sell the rental property on the market, painting it is the first thing that you should do. It’s remarkable just how many scuffs and marks a coat of paint can cover in an old, tired rental home.

Advice on Doing a Good Painting Job

Is it best to paint the home yourself or should you go out and hire a professional to do it? This is a question that many landlords need to ask themselves. It’s certainly cheaper to do it without professional help, but how can you do a good job? Here’s some sage advice if you plan on doing it yourself:

  1. Choose the Right Paint

Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there when it comes to paint. Acrylics are great these days and they are also very durable for interiors. If you have doubts, make sure to ask a sales representative at the hardware store.

If you intend to rent it out again, it’s a good idea to spend a little more and get a more durable paint with a semi-gloss finish. This will resist many smudges and will generally look better and less cheap.

  1. Choose the Right Colors

It’s often a good idea to choose a neutral color palette. This ensures that it won’t clash with anything and is probably a good choice if you intend to keep on renting the property.

  1. Brush or Roller?

You should always use the brush to paint in the corners and sides of the wall before using the roller. The roller will speed up the process significantly.

  1. The Finish

A professional painter can create a nice smooth finish, but what do you do if you don’t have that experience? Use long, smooth strokes and ensure that the paint is nice and liquid rather than dry. If you need to do a second coat, this will also help to create a better finish.


Painting a rental property in between tenants is a great way to freshen it up. It may even add some more rental value.

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