Best Ways to Brighten Your Home's Gloomy Interior

The Best Ways to Brighten Your Home’s Gloomy Interior

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The Best Ways to Brighten Your Home’s Gloomy Interior

If you’ve been experiencing being tired, stressed, cranky, or slightly gloomy all the time, then it may be a good time to step back and survey each source of natural lighting. A natural source of lighting has been proven to improve one’s mood and enable them to feel better when the home has an adequate amount of natural lighting. Even in the rooms that seem as if it could be a dark bat cave, there are a few ways to brighten them. If you prefer natural lighting or if you prefer to select finishes that brighten your mood and the room, these tips can shed a little more light into the darkest interiors.

Walk Through Your Home, Examine Dark Regions

If you have been residing in your home for quite some time, no doubt you are used to the dull interior. When rooms like the living room, storage rooms, and family rooms do not get enough natural lighting, it can create a major dark gap in your interior. Especially if a dark interior paint color palette and furniture are present. Before brightening the interior of your home, find what elements are creating the dim effect. This may include improving windows or using lighter colors on your walls and also not using massive, dark furniture in the home.

Stylistic Theme: Match & Blend Neutral Colors

If your residence lacks glow, add a few rich bodied neutral color like warm rust, camel tan, coffee cocoa, and white. These groups of hues are great because they are very flexible colors and look great when used along with wood furniture, doorways, hallways, and dim wood floors.

Use Lighter Finishes with Dark Kitchen Cabinetry

If you love the look of rich, dark hued kitchen cabinets with dark flooring, try using lighter finishes for the countertops or blend lighter colored cabinetry by using shades close to your darker ones. It is quite amazing to see how much more pleasant the kitchen can look and work in when there is lots of light with an open feeling.

Adding Light to a Dramatic, Dark Room

When the entire room and its decor is dark, it can actually be af great sanctum for those seeking relaxation after a stressful workday. There is definitely something to be said about a refined, dark room. By using innovative lighting in custom built racks or underneath cabinets, it can add a little extra light without taking away your favorite sanctuary.

Create Harmony Among the Dark & Light Bedrooms

Bedrooms are one of the only places in the that can be called your own and you do not need to keep the visitors happy with this room. The only important person that matters is you! With this being said, this allows you a little more freedom to be creative and create a balance with your design preferences. If your interior walls are darker, why not trying to use a contrast with bedding that is softly colored in ecru, white, or butter yellow. By finding deocr like sheets, throw pillows, and knicks in this color, it gives it a brilliant unwinding feel.

We hope these tips help you brighten your interior! Please feel free to tell us how you brighten your space!


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