2017 Color Trends for the Exterior of Your Commercial Building

2017 Color Trends for the Exterior of Your Commercial Building

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2017 Color Trends for the Exterior of Your Commercial Building

New Modern Commercial Building

There are more than a few important colors making their way into the commercial building market, especially with many changes currently underway in regards to public perception of businesses across the country. For this reason, some of the color trends for the exterior of commercial buildings in 2017 are far removed from what they were even a few years ago, and now is the time to take advantage of such changes. Not only will choosing the right combinations of bold colors dramatically improve your company’s ability to stand out from the competition, but it will make it clear to any and all clients that you care about quality and modern accomplishment.


As 2017 continues to advance towards its end, a number of commercial buildings are beginning to choose bolder and more eye-catching color options for facades and more. Bright, colorful installations highlight your exterior facades and give guests something interesting to view as they approach and enter the building, and you may further this positive impression by extending the exterior colors into the interior spaces. These bright colors will be more inviting to the modern consumer, especially to millennials who are slowly but surely becoming the most important generation with which to connect if you want steady profits for your company.


Wherever possible, it will benefit you to create motion with the colors you choose for your property’s exterior painting, especially if you plan to capture the attention of first-time guests and give them a reason to enter your building. Many colors, such as warm oranges, reds, and yellows, are inviting and promote a more attractive exterior for any property, or you may combine a number of warm colors for a more complex visual appeal. Even if you only choose a single color to paint the entire exterior of the property, choosing a bright, colorful option will surely capture the attention of the new generation of consumers.


Whenever you have the option, adding motion to your color with certain aspects of the building architecture or even by utilizing a number of painting techniques will add still more visual appeal. Modern buildings are more than four tall walls and a roof, meaning that you stand to benefit from pushing beyond the more conventional type of building shape and color for something more modern and unique. Elegance, warmth, and new technology are three aspects of a building which work together to draw in potential clients or customers, especially if you are a new business looking to improve and increase organic visits to your establishment.


Hire only the most reliable and reputable painting companies for this work to ensure the results are not only professional but lasting and durable against the weather and other conditions. After all, you may have the most beautiful exteriors in the world for any commercial property currently on the market, but none of that will mean anything if the paint and other aspects of the property only last a short while before falling into disrepair. You need a quality company capable of providing unparalleled service from start to finish, and it is fairly easy to find such a company if you know what you want from the start.

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