What Does It Cost To Paint My Family Room In Billings, MT?

What Does It Cost To Paint My Family Room In Billings, MT?

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What Does It Cost To Paint My Family Room In Billings, MT?

The family room is one of the most popular and used rooms in your house. It is where we congregate to watch tv, movies, read a book or spend time as a family. With its heavy use it is a room that may need to be painted more frequently to keep it looking good.

Let’s look at a basic sized family room with dimensions of 12’ x 24’ with 8’ high walls. If it has minor prep work (mostly nail hole filling and light caulking). The labor to prep & paint two coats to the walls in this room would be about $630.00. If there are cracks to repair, lots of furnishing to move and work around this will drive the cost up. Accent walls would be an additional charge depending upon the size of the wall. The price for an accent wall would be between $125-$225. Higher walls, stair ways and drywall surface conditions will have factors on pricing of the room. Paint cost will be determined by the sheen & quality of paint you choose. The price of paint will vary from $30/gallon to $50/gallon with this room using 3 to 4 gallons for the walls.

The labor price of the ceiling for this same room would be about $325.00. That is assuming that it is not a heavy textured ceiling such as a popcorn ceiling with minor repairs. If the ceiling is higher than 8’ ft the cost will rise to meet the level of difficulty. Nail pops, stress cracks, water stains and buckling tape seams will drive the cost of the price up. Ceiling paint for this room would cost between $20/gallon-$35/gallons for a flat paint.

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Other factors that are added into the cost of painting your family room are additional supplies besides paint. Some of these include: drywall mud, texture, plastic, masking, spackle, caulk, brushes, roller covers, masking paper and tape to name a few. These costs will add up between $30-$75 usually.  

This article give you a feel for what it costs to paint a family room. No two family rooms are alike with so many variables to consider. To find out what it costs to paint your family room please give me a call at  697-5135.

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