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Refresh Your Master Bathroom with Paint

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One of the rooms in the home that you want to focus on when painting is the master bathroom. You want this room in the home to be relaxing and spa-like. Therefore, the paint you choose must reflect these ideas. When making a selection, find out more about the colors and paints to use before beginning the painting project. After all, you may select a beautiful shade of paint. However, you want to make sure that it is the right paint for the application.

Shinier Means Easier Maintenance

Remember that the shinier the paint, the easier the cleanup. Therefore, to make your walls easier to clean, select a semi-gloss for the best results. You also have to be careful about your color selection. Master bath lighting is different than the subtler lighting in other rooms. This means that you need to choose a color that works well with artificial lighting. If your bath does receive a nice stream of natural light, you can be a little bolder about choosing a color.

Carefully Consider the Lighting in the Bathroom

Most bathrooms feature artificial lighting that can noticeably alter a paint hue. To choose a paint color, it pays to add a small amount of a color to the walls to test its effects. What looks to be a neutral and friendly gray can easily turn into an unwanted mauve under artificial lighting. If you are unsure what to pick, start with the flooring in your bathroom. Select colors that complement and fuse well with the colors of the floor. This will tie the look together while keeping the undertones from jumping out at you.

What Do Designers and Architects Like?

Another way to make a good color choice is to review the popular colors used for bathrooms by architects, designers, and builders. Usually, these colors will look good under the glare of a master bathroom’s lights. Take a look online at the latest in bathroom designs and carefully scrutinize the color choices. See what paint hue is tagged on the picture. You can also search a popular or favorite brand of paint under the bathroom category.

How to Narrow Your Choices and Make a Good Selection

When you are narrowing your paint colors, paint a poster board with each sample color. Tape it to the wall and stand back. Does the paint look great under the lighting or does it take on a whole new appearance? By taking this approach, you will not waste your time when making a color selection. It helps to take out the time to choose you colors wisely. Ask yourself if the color still looks relaxing under various lights. If there is any problem in this respect, move onto a new color choice. Usually, the best colors to select today include hues such as dovetail grey, various shades of beige, or soft and pale tones of green, yellow, or blue.

Go Online Now and Review the Selections

If you have not done so already, go online and take a look at some of the paint colors used in today’s bathroom designs. That will give you the inspiration you need to make a good color choice.

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