Common Challenges You Will Face When Painting a Room

Most Common Challenges You Will Face When Painting a Room

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Most Common Challenges You Will Face When Painting a Room

It may seem daunting when you want to paint a room. Maybe you have had an experience where it didn’t turn out quite the way that you had envisioned or maybe you are painting a room for the first time. There are some common challenges that people face due to not knowing the correct painting technique. However, with a little experience and knowledge, you will find your painting project to be much simpler.

Challenges with Paint Color

Everyone has experienced a challenge with getting the color right at least once. The problem is that the way that a color looks in the paint store is not necessarily the way that it will look in your home. The only way to select paint is to choose a few different shades of the color you want to use. You should go two shades lighter than what you see. Bring the samples home and place the swatches up on your wall. Better yet, you can paint a small trial patch to see how it will look.

Paint can be tricky because factors such as how much natural light comes into the room and your other décor will alter how the paint looks. It is very important to make sure that the color is what you want before you paint the entire room.

Challenges with Your Roller

One thing that many people don’t realize is that you should wet the roller before you paint. You can use water but don’t leave it saturated. You can roll out the extra water and shake it before painting. This will help the roller cover soak up the maximum amount of paint. In addition, you need to make sure that you choose the best roller for the paint job you are doing. In general, you should use a 3/8”-thick roller cover; however, when you paint with high gloss, you will want a thinner roller. For textured walls, you will need a thicker one.

Challenges with Your Brush

It is pretty common to dip your brush in the paint can but you should not wipe it on the rim. The problem is that when you do this, the paint will build up and dry on the rim, which makes it hard to put the lid on and allow it to be sealed properly after you finish. This will make it hard to store the paint.

You should let the paintbrush drip inside the can instead. You can tap it against the inside. In addition, do not dip your paintbrush in all the way to the handle. In fact, you should only go halfway up the bristles. It is completely unnecessary to go further and it can lead to messes and drips.

Finally, make sure that you extend your strokes a minimum of twelve inches to avoid having an uneven finish. If you use a lot of choppy strokes, it is much more difficult to have the final result even and smooth.

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