What Is Making My Paint Peel on the Interior of My Home?

What Is Making My Paint Peel on the Interior of My Home?

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What Is Making My Paint Peel on the Interior of My Home?

Is the paint on the interior walls of your home starting to peel off? If you are wondering what caused this, the root cause of peeling paint is poor adhesion. Hence, you need to understand the causes of poor adhesion to actually understand what is making the paint peel on the interior of your home. Let’s look at a few probable causes:

•  Sometimes, water and other sources of moisture find a way under the paint. This is particularly true for homes where the pipes might be leaking. Also, if you live in an area with high humidity, it can lead to the paint peeling. Keep in mind that moisture is the most prevalent causing of peeling paint. Hence, you have to spot the cause of the moisture to find a remedy for the problem. Even if you have your home repainted, the moisture will still affect future coats so addressing the root cause is important.

•  Improper preparation is another reason why paint might start peeling. Preparing the surface for a new paint job is the key to making paint adhere. If the painters did not smooth the surface and seal the cracks before they applied the first coat, it can cause the paint to peel. Not only this, if the wall wasn’t cleaned before the paint job, the risk of peeling increases. Make sure that the surface is prepped before the first coat is applied.

•  Believe it or not, a different layer of paint can cause the paint to peel. This is why it is crucial that the paint you choose for a new paint job is compatible with the type of paint that was previously applied to the wall. For instance, if you had previously painted the wall using oil-based paint, using a latex-based paint the next time around can lead the paint to start peeling.

•  General wear and tear can also cause the paint to start peeling. If you have had the same paint finish for a number of years, it will eventually start fading and this could lead to peeling.

•  And keeping on with the concern of peeling or cracking paint, the paint could have gone bad before it was applied on the walls. Improper paint storage, such as keeping it in your garage during the winter, can cause it to freeze and though it will thaw eventually, it won’t be in a usable condition. So, if you painted the walls using bad paint, it will start peeling off.

•  And last but not the least, while moisture is the main cause of peeling, dryness can also cause paint to start peeling. If you live in an area with a dry climate, the walls can get dry and this can affect the paint. The paint might start cracking and breaking, and over time, could start peeling off as well.

So, these are some probable reasons why the paint in the interior of your home is peeling.

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