Achieve Professional-Looking Baseboards with These Tips

Achieve Professional-Looking Baseboards with These Tips

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Achieve Professional-Looking Baseboards with These Tips

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Baseboards were originally meant to protect walls from everyday wear and tear such as scuffs and marks from shoes, chairs, and other things. Now, however, they are considered part of the décor of a home and even add to the style of a room. When you are painting the walls in your home, you do not want to neglect your baseboards. Giving them a fresh coat of paint can make your whole wall and room look clean and nice. Some find painting baseboards tricky, however; read these tips to find out how to properly paint your baseboards with as little trouble as possible.

Prepare the Space

The first thing you want to do before painting your baseboard is prepare your space. Before you do anything else, clean your baseboards really well. This will enable the paint to adhere to the surface and make sure that no dust or dirt gets trapped in between layers of paint. Second, repair any holes or indentations in the boards. This will also help the new paint look as good as possible. Finally, before you even open your paint can, mark off the wall and the floor to protect those surfaces. Put tape on the top and the bottom of the baseboard and put a drop cloth beneath your workspace to protect the floor.

Use the Correct Tools

After you have done all that, you have to make sure that you have the right tools for the job. You should have the right kind of paint. Many people like to use latex paint or glossy paint to make the baseboards easier to clean and keep looking nice. You should also have a small brush to put on the paint with. In some places, you can even find a baseboard-painting tool that has a pad on it that allows you to glide the paint over the baseboard. Once you have these things, you are ready to paint!

Work Slowly and Carefully

Now that you are ready to begin painting, make sure to work slowly and carefully. It is much better to work slowly than to make an avoidable mistake that will take a lot of time to fix afterwards. Try to put on two thinner coats of paint rather than one thick coat. Painting this way helps the paint job look more uniform and professional. Plus, it dries faster; thick coats of paint could take hours or even days to dry. If you paint carefully, you will have beautiful-looking baseboards in no time.

When it comes to painting the walls in your house, do not neglect the baseboards. They are the “finishing touch” to your home’s décor and having freshly painted baseboards makes the whole wall look fresh and clean. When it comes to the painting process, first prepare the space, make sure that you have the right tools, and then you can begin to paint slowly and carefully. You will love how great it will look when you are done. Enjoy your freshly painted room!

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