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Why Two Coats?

Paint It Forward Recipient Ruth Curtis
December 13, 2015
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January 4, 2016


If you read any paint can label the manufacturer will recommend two coats of paint for best results. There are a couple of reasons for this. The second coat of paint ensures that the walls are covered evenly for color, sheen build, and wear. Some painters will try to get paint to cover in one coat. You may still be able to see the original color without the second coat. Even if the original paint does not appear to bleed through you may still have issues. One issue being when you look down the wall in certain lighting you will see flashing especially over holes that were spackled. Areas that flash will show a discrepancy of unevenly applied paint. Lap marks and variances in sheen disappear with the second coat of paint. Your walls will have richer look and the color will deepen. The second coat of paint builds up the paint millage (thickness) which helps in the ability to clean the surface without it blemishing. The last coat of paint goes on fairly quick as all the prep work is done and you are going over your first coat of paint.

When you may not need the second coat.

Sometimes you just want to freshen up a room by repainting it with the same color. Maybe you want to slightly change the color. In these instances you can probably get away with one thoroughly applied coat of paint. Make sure you spot prime any spackled holes or caulk before painting to ensure these areas don’t flash.

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