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Tips for Sprucing up Wrought Iron

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If you have wrought iron furniture in your yard, then you already know how durable and reliable this material is, making it an excellent choice for chairs, tables, and even art. However, over time, wrought iron can begin to look a little dated depending on the style and even the color that was used to paint it. It’s easy to update how your wrought iron furniture looks and to give it new life with fresh paint. Doing so will allow you to match the rest of the décor in your outdoor living space so that your entire area looks cohesive and thought out.

Remove Any Rust

A lot of rust on your wrought iron furniture is another good reason to paint it and removing this rust is the very first step in preparing your furniture. It is easiest to remove rust by using a stiff wire brush to scrub at the piece of furniture, although some homeowners can use a sandblaster, if you have this piece of equipment. It is important that all of the rest on the furniture is completely removed before you move on to the next step. Additionally, if there is any paint on the furniture already, then scrubbing it away will ensure that your fresh paint will stick.

Preparing the Surface

Once you have removed rust, then you can prepare the surface of your wrought iron. Because paint sticks best to a surface that is a little rough, use a sandpaper in a medium-grit too roughen up the surface and get the furniture ready for paint. An additional step but one that is very beneficial is to use a primer that will inhibit rust rather than a regular primer. This product will have been specially designed for use on metals that contain iron as it will help to decrease the likelihood that your furniture will rust.

Get Ready to Paint

After lightly sanding the primer to remove any air bubbles or bumps and carefully choosing a color that will improve the appearance of your outdoor space, you will then be ready to paint your furniture. If your wrought iron is left outside, then it is a good idea to use a paint that is rated for outdoor use as this will decrease the likelihood that the paint will chip. By applying the paint in smooth and long strokes as well as thin layers, it is easy to build up two coats of paint that will last.

Wrought iron furniture and art can look amazing, but only when you take care of it and make sure that it is in the best possible condition. If you have left your wrought iron alone for a long time and neglected its care, then you will likely need to set aside a fair amount of time in order to complete the necessary work to improve the appearance of your wrought iron. Homeowners who do not have the interest or ability to spruce up their wrought iron will benefit from hiring a professional to complete the work for them.

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