2018 Garage Door Color Trends - Matt the Painter

2018 Garage Door Color Trends

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2018 Garage Door Color Trends

2018 Garage Door Color Trends

There are two key factors to consider when you’re selecting a garage door or when you feel that it’s time to give your current door a bit of a facelift. The first of these elements can be placed in the “function” category. For obvious reasons, you have to give some serious thought to how the door on your garage delivers its practical benefits. After all, it’s designed to provide access to your garage and to protect vehicles and other property from the elements.

But there is another important factor that can be placed in the “appearance” category. It’s also important to consider how your door looks as part of the home. When you choose a door and have the function element in place, you can rely on the door giving you the service that it was designed for. Now it’s time to turn your attention to the color of the garage door that will be a perfect complement to your exterior design.

The Trends

There may be a few property owners who question the importance of color on a garage door but the truth is that this part of the home has become a true point of focus for designers, builders, and homeowners. This is great news for those who are comfortable with the function of their current doors but want to make a change with the use of quality paint color. This is certainly an affordable method in addition to a renovation that can be made in a relatively short time.

If you’re looking for great ideas in garage door colors, you can start with some of the hues that have become popular enough in recent months to be identified as a trend. One of those go-to colors is, interestingly enough, black. You might also give some consideration to colors close to basic black, such as the darker grays and the deepest of blues, which can have an effect similar to black if the surface color is deep enough.

Greens, Blues

If black or a very dark gray is not your style, you can get a similar effect with the deep blue mentioned earlier. A rich forest green will give you the same look while providing sufficient contrast for lighter exterior walls. To add a third option to this discussion, you might consider a dark red or something akin to the appearance of red wine. Some homeowners produce a great look with a rich brown door that works very well with shutters and accents of the same hue.

Not only will you show your consciousness of design trends but you’ll be using a color that will be bold and eye-catching. As a homeowner, you will also benefit from the reduced maintenance required by darker colors simply because they hide minor scratches and blemishes as well as everyday dust and dirt. This is a great option if the exterior of your home is suitably lighter. Again, the combination of a darker garage door and shutters provides a remarkable contrast. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the amazing options that your paint professional can prepare for you.

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