$399 painting for 8 hours

Painter for a Day!

Have a list of small painting projects that need to get done around the house? Hire a Painter for a Day!

Perfect for:

  • Painting a Bathroom
  • Small Bedroom
  • High Traffic Areas
  • Kitchens
  • Hallways
  • Trim and Baseboards
  • Hard to Reach Areas

For a flat rate of $399 a professional painter will arrive with all the necessary supplies ready to provide up to 8 hours of quality work inside or out. (paint is not included)

Together, you and the painter can create a priority list of jobs. The painter will keep working down the list until the end of the day.

With Matt the Painter’s Painter for a Day you receive one of our trained professionals, fully equipped to take on any painting project you throw at them.

Our Painter for the Day is perfect for those difficult projects that require a professional’s touch. You’ll be surprised at how much one of our professional painters can accomplish in a day.

Our Painter for a Day program is also great if you just need help on a larger painting project, but don’t have the budget to hire our team for the entire project. Having a professional helping you out will cut the project time down tremendously.

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